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  • Jumbo Anpan (Red Bean Paste Bun)

    This soft bun is packed full with anko (sweet bean paste) -- a nostalgic taste for Japanese.

  • Koshi Anpan (Smooth Bean Paste Bun)

    Pleasant to the palate, like a velvety smooth brown sugar syrup, yet not too sweet.

  • Melon Pan

    A soft biscuit and bun, round like a Hokkaido cantaloupe.

  • Dry Kase

    A cream cheese sandwich dressed in cheese cookie clothing.

  • Blueberry Dry Kase

    We added the deliciousness of blueberries to our popular dry kase.

  • Cream Cheese Bomb

    Bite into this crispy-yet-chewy Heidi bread and luscious cream cheese will flow out like lava from a volcano top.

  • An (Red Bean Paste) Donut

    This round donut is a refreshing treat fried up chock-full of anko (red bean paste)

  • Marimo Custard

    The soft dome-shaped bun, like the spherical moss "Marimo" that is a protected species and national treasure of Hokkaido, is filled to the brim with custard cream.

  • Verbier

    Butter and snowball-shaped sugar cubes from Hokkaido melt in the oven to produce this deliciously sweet bread.

  • Yogurt Bread

    This moist and airy bread tastes like a soft frozen yogurt muffin.

  • Black Cherry & Almond Tart

    Enjoy this luxurious tart filled with large American cherries.