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Loaf Breads

“Start your day with some delicious toast!”
Enjoy the deliciousness of Japanese loaf breads, masterfully recreated across the sea in Hawaii. Here we present the pride of Brug Bakery,
our diverse variety of loaf breads.

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Brug Layer Sandwiches
Delicious and unique ingredients are sandwiched in our famous rye bread, the “Brug Layer”. The special ingredients sandwiched in this soft and chewy bread will make you a long-time fan as each recipe is created by the winner of a local Brug chef contest. The sandwiches are made to be deliciously satisfying meals for Hawaii’s locals and visitors alike. Each type of sandwich shows the actual name the contest-winning chef who created it.


Savory Items

Our unique, Japanese-style savory treats are created at Brug Bakery but filled with the taste of Hokkaido. Here we present our popular
savory items.

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From classic Japan-born sweets and sweet breads to special sweet baked treats, here we present a world of sweets created by our bakery

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