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The Brug Difference

No Cutting Corners

The bread doughs at Brug Bakery Hawaii are each made by hand with artisan care and skill from 4 am, each day of the week. It takes a lot of time and work to make so many different kinds of bread doughs, but at Brug we want to make bread doughs that best match the other ingredients in each respective product.
Because bread is eaten on a daily basis, we want to provide our customers with delicious bread every day. With this in mind, we never cut corners at Brug when making our bread doughs, the foundation of our baked goods.


Specially Selected Ingredients

Ingredient selection impacts the quality of all of our products. At Brug, we make our breads using specially selected ingredients, never abandoning our focus on ingredient quality. Our Mainz flour is harvested in Hokkaido exclusively for Brug; it is an original blend made from Hokkaido wheat flour and rye flour by the founder of Brug, Chef Takemura. Only Brug is permitted use of this special Mainz flour.
Brug Layer, the signature bread at Brug Bakery, uses 100% Hokkaido flour — mainly Mainz — and boasts many years of popularity as both a healthy and delicious bread.


Safe and Healthy

At Brug Bakery, our products are baked fresh daily with no artificial preservatives, coloring or other additives. The Brug founder, Mr. Takemura (owner and chef), long-studied the art of making healthy bread that tastes good and is easy to eat. After many arduous years of trial and error, Brug Bakery now offers a lineup of many healthy and delicious breads made with rye and whole wheat.


Over 70 Handmade Bread Items

To give our customers the joy of choosing from a wide selection, Brug Bakery bakes over 70 different types of bread items daily, each made by hand, one by one, every day.
In Hawaii, the four seasons only mildly differ, so our products are made to evoke a sense of the season, and more to look forward to for customers visiting our shop.


Bringing Hokkaido Deliciousness to Hawaii — Hawaii & Brug

As Brug is a bakery representative of Hokkaido itself, we make products that take advantage of many ingredients and concepts from Hokkaido.
Our recipes are created to honor tradition and to align with Hawaii’s local tastes, while also eliciting the originality and creativity of our chefs.