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Savory Items

  • Sausage Roll

    Soft mochi-like dough is gently wound around a crisp, coarsely ground sausage.

  • Kitaguni Focaccia

    Enjoy this vegetable garden loaded with garlic and laid atop our healthy olive bread, made with flour from Hokkaido.

  • Ham & Cheese Calzone

    We have recreated this Italian treat to be the size of a hand, like a simple pizza sandwich -- a crispy crust wrapped around ham and cheese.

  • Ham & Potato Roll

    This bread looks like a baked flower with our delicious potato salad loaded right in the middle of ham-packed flower petals.

  • Tuna Bread

    We take great pains to make our tuna salad fit for a fine dinner. Then we wrap it in our handmade bread and bake it into an even more flavorful creation.

  • Brug Curry

    We make our own fresh bread crumbs for a crispy outside surrounding a rich, chewy donut crust, inside of which you will find our delicious handmade curry. We aimed for perfection with this on every level.